• About SNS

    The Scuola Normale Superiore is a public institute for higher education that in its two centuries of life has earned itself a special place, both in Italy and abroad, a place characterised by merit, talent and scientific rigour. Two types of course are available: the undergraduate course and the PhD course.The teaching activity is distributed among four academic structures: the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Sciences, placed in Pisa; the Department of political and social sciences and the Ciampi Institute, located in Florence.  

  • Admission

    The evaluation for entrance to the first year of the undergraduate course does not include the high school leaving certificate, and the bachelor's degree is not taken into consideration in the entrance examination for the fourth year course. For each PhD course, candidates’ level of competence, talent, motivations and aptitudes to scientific research will be assessed on the basis of their qualifications and research project and an interview.

  • Academics

    The Scuola Normale Superiore offers two types of course: the undergraduate course, leading to first and second level university degrees, and the PhD course, the international equivalent of the Italian Dottorato di ricerca.The teaching and research activity is distributed among three academic structures: the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of  Sciences, and the Department of Political and Social Sciences.The first two academic structures, housed at the Pisa site, organize courses for both the  undergraduate course and the PhD course. The Department of Political and Social Sciences, situated in Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, deals only with the PhD course.

  • Research

    A highly qualifying feature of the Normale way is the strong link between teaching and research that is a characteristic of both the undergraduate and the graduate programmes of the Scuola. The research structures of the two Faculties welcome students with a relevant study interest, enabling them to collaborate in a mature way with the activities of the researchers.

  • International

    The Scuola Normale is an institute of a decidedly international nature. Examinations for admission to the undergraduate degree course and for the PhD course are open to all citizens worldwide. A certain number of places on the PhD course are reserved for students from other countries. During the pre laurea and  post lauream teaching courses, study and research programmes are made available at overseas universities and research centres with which the Scuola forms an intense network of collaboration.  The doctorate course in particular is taught in a veritable graduate school in line with the highest international standards. 

Useful information for incoming people

Useful references for the Scuola Normale Superiore

Research Area and Internationalisation
Elisabetta Terzuoli - Head of International Affairs and Networking
Palazzo del Castelletto
Telephone: 050 509319
E-mail: e.terzuoli@sns.it

Useful references for the city of Pisa

Post Office
Piazza Martiri della Libertà, 8-9 -56100 Pisa.
Opening hours
From Mon. To Fri. 08:15-13:30
Sat. 08:15-12:30
Telephone: 050 555201     Fax: 050 553355

Azienda Sanitaria Locale (ASL 5)
Assistance Office for Foreigners and overseas benefits
Mon.-Fri. From 09:00 to 12:00
Telephone: 050/ 954314 - 285 
E-mail: assist-estero@usl5.toscana.it
For entries to S.S.N. fee (“voluntary subscriptions”), please contact the District ASL responsible for the area. The list of districts is available at www.usl5.toscana.it , “Servizi>Distretti>sedi”.
Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico ("Public Relations Office”) ASL 5 (URP)
Telephone 050/ 954296-367    Toll-free number 800. 221290

Emergency Room and Emergency Doctor
(National Health Service enrolment not required)
Ospedale Santa Chiara
Entrance Via Roma, 67 (next to Piazza dei Miracoli).
Telephone: 050 992111 / 992300 / 554433
Emergency Doctor
Via Garibaldi, 198.
Telephone: 050 542075.
Emergency Health Care telephone number is 118.

Useful numbers
IMPORTANT! When you call from abroad the country code for Italy is +39.

Provincia di Pisa - Sportello informagiovani
Via S. Pellico, 6
Opening Hours:
Mon. /Wed. /Fri. 09:00-13:00.
Tue. /Thu. 15:00-17.30.
Telephone: 050 40505     Fax: 050 00643.

Centro Nord Sud
Via Gioberti, 39
Telephone: 050 540668     Fax: 050 3137250.
General Information about the city of Pisa: www.saimicadove.it

Information for Erasmus Socrates students

Erasmus Student Network
Via Fermi, 8
Telephone: 050 2212036     Fax: 050 2212001.
E-mail: enspisa@yahoo.it

Caffè Erasmus

Socrates Agency Italy

Firemen  115
Police  113


Train Station
Piazza della Stazione
Telephone: 050 917591     Toll-free number: 892021 www.trenitalia.it

Bus Station
Toll-free number: 800 012773 www.cpt.pisa.it

Radio Taxi
Telephone: 050 541600

Living in Pisa

Housing cost for students

  • Single room in shared apartment: € 350,00 per month plus utilities
  • Single bed in double room: € 250,00 per month plus utilities

Average living cost

  • Bus:
    • Ticket (validity 60 minutes)        € 0,90
    • Ticket (validity 120 minutes)      € 1,20
    • Ticket (validity 240 minutes)      € 1,50
  • Taxi (city trip average cost): from € 5,00 to € 7,00
  • 0.5 litre mineral water in a bar/café: € 1,00
  • 1.5 litre mineral water at the supermarket: €. 0,50
  • Coffee in a bar/café: € 1,00
  • Cappuccino and brioche in a bar/café: € 2,00
  • Lunch in a bar/café (sandwich and drink): € 5,00
  • 1 loaf of bread: € 1,20
  • 1 kg “pasta”: € 0,80
  • 1 litre fresh milk: € 1,20
  • 250 gr butter: € 1,20
  • 1 kg rice: € 1,80
  • 6 eggs: € 1,30
  • 1 can of Coca Cola/Fanta/Sprite/Lemonsoda: € 1,50
  • 0.66 litre beer: € 1,80
  • Pizza and drink in a “pizzeria”: € 13,00
  • Glass of beer in a pub: € 5,00.

List of Gyms in the City: http://www.vivi-pisa.it/pisa/vivere/sport/palestre/

Eating and Drinking in the City: http://www.vivi-pisa.it/pisa/vivere/mangiare/


The City of Pisa offers many opportunities for shopping. Shops are open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the morning, and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the evening. They are closed on Sundays and Monday mornings. For further information, please check the following website  www.saimicadove.it